Who Is a Gold Star Mother?

Often the question has been asked, “Who is a Gold Star Mother?” During the early days of World War I, a Blue Star was used to represent each family member serving in the United States military. As the war progressed and sevice members were killed in combat, or were wounded and later died of their wounds or disease, the Gold Star became the accepted symbol to honor their sacrifice.

This Gold Star is superimposed over the Blue Star. The purpose of the Gold Star is to honor the service member for their supreme sacrifice in defense of our  country. 
The Blue Star Mothers of America Inc. has a National Blue To Gold Program.  TVBSMA will present a Gold Star Banner to the family in honor of the Fallen Warrior's service and sacrifice to our great nation and to honor the family's loss and personal sacrifices. 
The parents of the Fallen Warrior choose how they wish to receive their banner. Some may want the honor at the memorial or funeral or to accept it privately.  While others may opt to accept the honor some time in the future. 

When TVBSMA is informed of a Fallen Warrior from our area, the Blue to Gold Liaison will contact the Casualty Assistance Officer or Funeral Director to inform them of the parent's right to receive a Gold Star Banner.  
If you are a parent of a loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice and wish to receive the Gold Star Banner honoring your loved one, please contact:

Email Blue to Gold Liaison Sharon Lewis at:


TVBSMA will arrange a time and place of your choosing to present the Gold Star Banner.

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The Gold Star Banner perpetuates and honors the principles for which they fought and died
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